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Promotion UX End-to-end Revamp

Promotion as the most important domain in e-commerce, plays key role on customer conversion. In Mid-2019, business started a project to increase basket size, i.e. no. of items customers purchase each time. What they planned is to use various promotion tools to lead to the conversion goal. However, customers had hard time understanding all types of promotion mechanisms, which lead to conversion abortion. Thus, I initiated this Promotion End-to-end UX Revamp project to build up user mindset and to assist business achieving wanted result.


As each vertical product works in silo, we lack of holistic experience management. On the other hand, although we have many kinds of promotions, the application or redemption process isn't really user-friendly. So I established 4 design strategies to upgrade the holistic promotion experience.


Create consistent design library

Take voucher as an example, as cross-domain designer, after collected all the scenarios and needs from each vertical, I designed a complete voucher guidelines, including all the voucher types and status. By centralizing all the voucher designs and distributing to vertical designers, I made sure the component is consistent within the design team.


Apart from operating via design system internally, I initiated collaboration with tech team to productize the voucher component, so the new pages can directly reference it, which ensured consistency on development as well as saved lots of dev human power and time resource.



Build up awareness on each concept and its value

As Indonesian users are very familiar with the Lucky Egg mechanic, we developed the game to package free shipping voucher with fun and emotional touch. This engagement successfully built up free shipping voucher collection mindset as reached 1/4 of APP DAU while in the mean time increased ROI and efficiency of platform subsidy.

The previous design of 'Flexible combo' channel used to misleading users as 'buy 2 pieces of same item to get discount' (feedback from user interviews). In order to introduce this new promotion mechanism clearer to customer, I redesigned the guided shopping card to accurately convey the concept. The click rate has increased 247% after redesign.



End-to-end touch-points exposure

As the basket size building project PM, I collaborated with vertical designers to ensure the core promotion mechanism is being exposed at key touch points during shopping journey. By building up relevant promotion mindset at each shopping touch points, design successfully assisted reaching the business goal. 



Remove checkout redemption derailers

Show promotion application status straightforwardly. The collectible voucher had lots of usability issues as it's a new form to the SEA users, who are used to code voucher. So after I started UX revamp, I resolved the voucher status showing up incorrect issue, as well as displayed collectible voucher 'auto redemption' mechanism clearly on the interface.

Show promotion applicable range to customers. As when seller set up a voucher, they can choose certain SKUs to be applicable for the voucher, but this condition was not shown to customers explicitly. Thus, I came up with the design to connect the products added to products to the voucher condition.



 After the design rolled out, voucher/promotion-related customer calls has been dropped over 1/3. Promotion-led orders increased 230%.