Lazada Seller Center

Seller Center is a complex platform to enable sellers posting and managing products, managing orders, creating promotions, signing up for campaigns, and so on. I brought many new features online to enpower and engage sellers as well as redesigned a series of seller tools to enhance the selling experience, to attract more new users and to improve the adoption rate and retention rate.

Seller Personas

Lazada has many different profiles of sellers, including marketplace, cross-border and retailers. For local marketplace & cross-border sellers which takes majority of our seller types, we deep dived on the daily business operation and generated relative personas.


Design Principle

While designing for business operation, I brought up 3 key principles to guide the design process.



Design For Efficiency 

During the seller on-boarding / product listing / promotion management redesign projects, I removed redundunt steps and fields, to provide sellers much more efficient working experience.

By shortening seller on-boarding flow, the registration conversion rate increased 100%. 

By reducing the product listing steps to 1 page, satisfaction score increased 50%. 

With smart PDP decoration, sellers don't need to edit product by product, image by image. We provided many templates by categories, for them to apply at 1 click.



Design For Consistency

Design For Consistency

As business-facing platform is formed mainly by forms, tables and dashboard. I looked through all the pages and built up a design system with all the components. By standarizing the design elements, we ensured the design output is consistent between designers, as well as saves development cost.

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Design For Information

Store Builder is a tool to personalize seller shops. Sellers can customize the shop homepage and product categories to best present their brand identity and in-shop activities and experience.

After I took over the project, I conducted users research with 13 sellers and 2 ISVs, and found out the sellers who took training courses are able to master the tool, but the mid and tail sellers can’t see the benefits clearly, and it’s difficult for them to start with.

After reviewed all 44 collected issues, we identified 14 P0 issues and initiated several revamp and new projects. For example, I designed the customized shop category, and seller selected voucher module to meet the basic needs for sellers setting up their product categories and vouchers for customers. I also drove fixing the blocker UX issues of Store Builder and Banner Builder, to reduce the new user learning curve.

To enable private domain as part of the campaign, I designed the shop campaign landing framework so customers could navigate in between main campaign page and different stores to shop the campaign products.

Since many of our sellers don’t have the capability to photoshop and present their products with good visual design, I created hundreds of templates (with outsource) for store decoration, so sellers could just click and apply.

By reducing the learning curve, sellers could customize shops with ease and lower cost. 

Design For Cross-border Users

Apart from designing basic tools for marketplace, cross-border as an important business for platform, has its own unique operation context and thus has very different needs. 

After launching the design to help CB sellers easy to upload products and manage orders of 6 countries at 1 stop, satisfaction score reached 86%. 100% sellers validated the new platform helped manage multi-venture operation and improve their work efficiency.