Design Installation

Speculative Design

Keep Up With Me

The design purpose is to address an unspoken dining rule, which is respecting other’s dinning habits – in our case the pace of eating. Instead of over-exaggerating user’s faults by judging and pointing on him, we tried to let this come in a more natural way, so we created a synchronising dinning experience in order to coordinate the pace dinners have while eating.

This design inspired by critical design (Dunne, 1999) has potentials to generate uncomfortable feelings to some users. They might feel “annoyed” temporarily (Benford et al, 2012). But the design intention is to provide the possibility for them to reflect and empathize during or after interaction with our prototype.

In the interaction, people need to adjust their own dinning pace in order to keep a balance. The observation of objective action requires a reflection on intrinsic action.

Mechanics Wizard-of-Oz

编组 2

Electronics prorotyping

Final Prototype and User Testing

During user testings people were found to be confused regarding the principle function of the prototype before before certain instructions were given to them. Most of the people thought that it was a simple scale prototype. The manual control was considered as appendix operation. In the functional prototype user testing, people were more immersed in the synchronous dinning experience. They also felt empathized with the experience of eating in a non respectful way (when it comes to eating speed). Thus this design that combined electronics and mechanics revealed the original mission by leading users to finish desired interaction task. A synchronising dining experience is created in both coercive and seductive way.