Mobile Gamification

E-commerce Gamification

E-commerce is no longer a simple marketplace or platform for just purchasing, it has been evolving to meet much versatile and fast-growing user demands. By applying gamification related methods into each growth hacking stage, it often works very well but with less cost to drive certain user behaviors.

At Lazada, apart from providing basic assortment and delivery experience, we seek for new ways to engage with customers.

Drum Up

During the COVID-19 quarantine, shipping and delivery service has been largely blocked. How can we maintain customer satisfaction and retention had become a key topic for us.

We also observed that since people are required to stay at home, depress and low spirit has been the mental issue that many were facing.

In order to cheer people up and make them engaged during the difficult period, we came up with this simple game to keep users engaged with positive interactions. We made sure the configuration is flexible so it can bring freshing experience every time with new theme design.

Super Claw

As on Lazada the virtual currency 'coins' are over-issued, we seek for new ways to better burn extra coins and offer users better benefits.


This engagement mechanism is designed to provide new ways for brands to market their new products. During the AR game, players can make facial expressions according to the emoji appearing on the screen. Meanwhile trying their best to play the game, the products appear in a well-connected way to strengthen branding awareness. The concept of Polaroid is used to combine emoji and product - camera with emoji in the middle, product as photograph sliding out from the camera.


Coin Gamification   

User engagement was brought up to the strategic level during COVID-19 to keep users active when logistics are blocked. Thus we came up with new navigation design for engagement fields.

Within the new coin channel, the design successfully built up mindset for earning and redeeming the virtual currency. It creates a field for price-senstive customers to spend time to exchange for order discounts. 


To optimize the gamification effect, we created several de-centralized concept. For instance, to encourage customers browsing more products, we leveraged coin incentive to offer reward when user browsed til certain page depth.